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Grammar Check Free

Without grammar, any language would consist of a cluster of words. Communicating in the same language would be impossible. Grammar regardless of the language or country is the foundation for communication. Some people think that correct grammar only matters for the teachers of that language. It is a wrong notion. When a message is relayed using correct grammar, it’s easily understood by the receiver. To communicate in any language, the person must know the grammar of that language. People must express themselves in a way that others understand the communication. Grammar skills are critical in every aspect of life. From education to leadership, from social life to employment, speaking and writing using correct grammar are essential.

When we speak, we use correct grammar. We stress on certain words. We speak in clear audible sentences. We pause between sentences. We change our tone when we want to stress on a word. In other words, we are applying the foundational rules of grammar when we speak. But when it comes to writing we make mistakes. For example, if a child says “come let’s eat grandma,” and stresses on the word ‘grandma’ it would sound okay. But if the child writes the same sentence it would be wrong. The correct written sentence would be “come let’s eat, grandma.” From this example, we can see how easy it is for us to make mistakes while writing.

Importance of writing correct English

We have all become so used to typing messages, emails, official documents, reports, thesis, essays, etc. that we have forgotten the importance of checking our work for grammatical mistakes. Conversely, when we spot grammar mistakes in someone else’s work we get irritated, and if the mistakes are too many, we trash their work. Everyone is not a master in writing English, and even the best authors get so engrossed in writing that they tend to make grammar mistakes. That’s why they have proofreaders who review their work and correct mistakes.

How to improve English grammar skills

Today, more than fifty percent of world communication is conducted in English; therefore it’s important to understand and apply the basic rules of grammar in all our communication. Here are some tips for improving English grammar skills.

  • Read more in English.
  • Listen more in English.
  • Practice more.
  • Write more in English.

By adopting these tips, you will notice that our verbal and written communication improves. You must feel at ease while communicating in English. Your brain should be thinking and compose your thoughts in English. Thinking in another language and then translating your thoughts into English will never help in learning and improving your English language skills.

Benefits of communicating using correct grammar in English

You will benefit by using correct grammar in your daily communication in your social and work environment. Grammar will help in improving your fluency. When you use proper grammar in your sentences, you will be easily understood. It will help in job interviews, establishing your expertize in the work you do and establishing your authority. By conveying your thoughts clearly and in easily understood sentences you get recognized as the person you are, and the skill set that you have. People who communicate move up in life and overtake those who lack these skills.

Importance of Grammar Checker

If you are a student, a teacher, an executive or anyone who does a lot of English writing work; you need a grammar checker. All the word processors have auto spelling checkers, and some even have a selection of dictionaries to use. The reason for having different dictionaries is that some people write in UK and others write in US style. But as yet no word processor comes with an inbuilt grammar checker. It is one of the primary reasons why people are making grammar mistakes in their writing. Because they don’t want to spend those extra few minutes that are needed to conduct a grammar check.

Another reason for the English writing world avoiding using grammar checkers is that most of them are not free. You get a free trial after which you are required to pay, and some of them are not good at pointing out grammar mistakes and suggesting corrections.

Grammatical mistakes have been known to cause students to score poorly on assignments. Office workers have been ticked off for making grammar mistakes. In fact, anyone who writes has at some point made these mistakes.

Writing good English is an art, and like all arts, it can be difficult to master. There are so many rules of grammar like using prepositions, tense, etc. that you are taught in school. But as time moves on we forget the rules and just write whatever we want to write, and in style, we are used to writing in. We want to open our thoughts, and we don’t worry about the grammar. However, if we stop and read out aloud what we have written, we will pick up the mistakes that we have made. Another way to check grammar is to get someone else to read what we have written and pointed out mistakes. But in normal life, we don’t follow these simple rules. Yes, it would look silly if we were heard reading something out loud. Asking a colleague to review what is written is not an option. Since everyone is pushed for time. Therefore the only solution available that does not require reading documents aloud or seeking another person’s time to review your work is to use a grammar check free tool.

Using Grammar Check Free

Now grammar check free has been launched, and as its name implies, it’s a free tool to use. Yes, you are not required to register or pay up front to use it. All that you need to do is to spend that extra one or two minutes which depends on the size of your document to run a grammar check. Once you use it, you will like the ease of using this free tool that will ensure that all your communications that you use it to check will be free of grammatical mistakes. So go ahead give it a shot.