What are the common grammar mistakes that Grammar Check Free checks for?

It’s not easy to list down all the rules that Grammar Check Free applies when checking a submitted document. However, some of the common mistakes made in English writing are checked by the application and corrections are presented for the user to incorporate in the document. Words that sound fine in our head can sound like gibberish when written down. It’s easy for small mistakes to slip by when you are doing your own editing. For example, There verses Their versus They’re and Yours versus You’re, etc. there are so many similar sounding words that can easily confuse a writer. Plus a spell-checker will not pick out these words as spelling mistakes because they are spelt correctly. These similar sounding words and their correct usage are checked by Grammar Check Free. All the known grammar rules have been incorporated in the program. Also any rule that might be missing and is pointed out to us through feedbacks from users is also implemented in the application. We have tried to make the application as comprehensive as possible and are constantly engaged in improving it.