Does Grammar Check all the sentences or just checks random sentences?

Grammar Check Free will check each and every sentence. It does not perform a random check. It’s absolutely meticulous. The reason for checking each and every sentence is that a number of sentences make up a paragraph and a collection of paragraphs makes up a document. Therefore checking each sentence is imperative. If it were to check sentences at random it would not be doing the task it’s been designed to do. It would look rather amateurish and would be inaccurate if it were to check sentences at random and not all of them. Therefore don’t worry, it does a thorough job and that’s exactly what it’s been designed and programmed to do. In fact let me disclose a small secret. It does several passes over the document to be checked. In the first pass it checks each sentence and wherever it sees mistakes it offers a correction suggestion. If the user incorporates the suggested change, it will perform a recheck. It will continue performing rechecks until all the errors have been removed. Once it’s done that it does a final pass over the document. It incorporates the changes and rechecks the document with the suggested changes. If it spots any errors it changes the suggestion. The final document that it displays with the suggested changes has been through several checks. Now it’s up to the user to incorporate the changes or ignore them. You must remember that Grammar Check makes suggestions wherever it encounters grammar mistakes and does not incorporate the changes on its own.