Does Grammar Check show any percentage of correct and incorrect sentences in a submitted document?

No, I am afraid it does not compile any statistical results. All it does is the job that it’s been programmed to do, which is to check the grammar of each sentence. It starts with the first letter and stops when it hits a full stop sign or any other punctuation sign which indicates the end of the sentence, like a question mark and checks the grammar of that sentence. Once it’s done that it moves on to test the next sentence. It continues this cycle till it reaches the end of the document. It will only display corrections and will not compile any percentages. It does not check pacing of sentences or their length. It has been designed and programmed to check grammar mistakes, that’s it. It would become slow and cumbersome if the program was to compile statistical data of the document as well, and this is not what this application has been designed to do. You will need to use another application to display statistical results of your document.