What information will Grammar Check display after running the check?

If there are grammatical or spelling mistakes in any or all of the sentences it will display the spelling errors in pink or red and grammatical errors in yellow. This will allow you to compare both, your original and the suggested correction. At times simple spelling mistakes can cause a grammatical mistake. So you should first remove the spelling mistakes and see if the grammar error is removed. In case there is no spelling mistake in a sentence and it shows a grammar mistake, study the pointed out grammar mistake and read the sentence with the suggested change. If it sounds and looks right to you only then make the suggested change. If you want to you can click on the suggested correction and the original sentence in the document will be replaced with the correct sentence. Once you are through with checking and making replacements, you can copy/paste the corrected document on your computer. A word of caution here; when you copy/paste the document with the changes it is advisable to save it with a new name. By doing this the original and corrected document will be saved separately. If there’s no mistake in your document it will display the document as it is and under the document display a new button ‘Conduct New Search’ will be displayed.